SusBDe offers interesting investment opportunities on our Zero Waste to Energy projects, based on the centurion program. 



The Centurion program is an innovative and sustainable funding initiative.

Funding is focused on Environmental and sustainable projects across the Globe. Fulfilling the right to breathe clean air goes along with achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including healthy lives for all, sustainable cities, universal access to clean energy, and effective action to address climate change.

The SusBDe India Centurion Program is based on establishing 10 plants over the next 5 years and 100 over 10-15 years. All in close co-operation in the first years with Bharat Petroleum in the Maharashtra region. 

The concept is based on replacing fossil oil&gas by Bio-Gas out of ‘nothing’, low cost, creating fertilizers for agri-culture and having an impact on 24 million people and their environment. Well supported as the Government target is +5,000 bio-gas installations within the next years and securing stable pricing on SATAT.

Bharat Petroleum indicated and confirmed their commitment to first twelve projects and the green fuel transition implications.


Per project an average investment amount of EUR 25 - EUR 30 million is required, that will be typical funded based on 40% equity and 60% debt. 

The first ten projects will be funded based on a facility program, as well as local equity partners in the 2nd project and onward.

Working with global manufactures of our components, one may expect during the construction phase to spend approximately 50% of the investment amount in India and 50% in Europe. 

The debt will be redeemed in a period of 5-8 years.

Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation Financial

SusBDe ensures financial insurance. 

Over the life cycle of the Zero Waste to Energy project (12 month construction phase and 40 year operations) a comprehensive insurance program compensates any unforeseen financial loss that may occur during the construction and operational phases, to guarantee business continuity and the investors interest.

Risk Mitigation Operational

PROVEN TECHNOLOGY, the technology established is based on industry standards applied in various locations across Europe and Africa & Asia, with a proven track-record of over 20 years. 

MODULAR SYSTEM, the MSW plant is based on various components that are connected based on simple straight forward parameters that are market standard. A so called lego-system build plant approach.

TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP, the use of proven technologies in a modular set up ensure our installations outperform on Reliability Availability Maintainability Safety. Key to secure the high IRR.

Income Deviation


Local large renowned state owned (listed) company grand a 40 years term in the take off of Compressed Natural Gas (or Energy). This represents circa 60 % of the income.

The business plan and investors guarantee on returns are based on the sales of CNG/Energy and contractual agreement with a municipality as well as a guarantee.


Local large renowned listed private company grand a 40 years term in the tak off of all non organic recyclables and fertilizers. This represents circa 40 % of the income.

Our off takers

  • Large local or part of a multinational
  • Renowned reputation and standing
  • Listed firms
  • Minimum BBB rating
  • Long term commitment

Investors background

Our investors are highly rated parties in their field of expertise and have a background in impact-investing, local knowledge and presence, whereby the awareness of making the difference by their approach of the challenges facing is at the core of the philosophy. 

We are rich on innovation, rich on idea and our investors focus on the circular approach, the United Nations' chapter of global warming entangled with 'green' and sustainable investment result.