Highly populated and large urban development areas are known for the challenges they are facing on waste management as well as on the growing demand for energy and power.


  • Municipal Solid Waste volumes increase environmental problems
  • Municipality pays for waste disposal and managing of the waste dumps and landfill management
  • Landfill capacities does not foresee in the demographic growth for the upcoming decades;
  • No or lacking recycling capacity
  • No revenues generated out of waste
  • Entire waste cycle (collection, storage, management) are only costs

When your municipality is looking for a concept that:

  • Enables reducing MSW to zero rest waste, so no more landfilling
  • Create immediate savings equal the costs of storage and landfill management, which are 50% of the total waste handling costs (30 – 200 $/Mt)
  • Generates green energy (CNG/Electricity/Energy)
  • Does so without any emissions – zero emission concept
  • Without the need of public investments
  • Turn MSW in valuable recyclables
  • Contribute to the circular economy
  • For a period of 40 years

SusBDe sustainable solution

  • Processing daily supply of domestic waste (MSW)
  • Cleaning up existing landfill(s)
  • Recycling renewables
  • Production of biogas (CNG), Electricity, Heat/Cooling and compost (fertilizer quality)
  • Water- & sewage treatment

The Zero Waste & Energy facility is modular consisting out of separate units for: waste management system, waste separation installation, waste recycling installation, biogas and CNG plant or a biogas CHP plant All technologies are most up to date for the whole complex to work properly.

Project development

  • Total development by SusBDe and partners, in association with the Municipality, regional government and State
  • Of an integrated waste recycling and CNG/Energy installation
  • Consultancy, Design, Engineering & Construction by local national and international companies
  • Management, Operations and Maintenance by (new) facility Enterprise, owned by Private partners
  • Operate the installation for 40 years (20 year extension)
  • Zero Waste, Energy- and water management, based on modern and proven sustainable technologies, in accordance with latest EU- and US- standards.
  • Turning the municipal MSW challenge and cost parameters into immediate profits
  •  Help eliminate land filling

Municipal savings


  • For collection (MSW & Landfill waste)
  • For waste management, processing, separation, recycling
  • For landfill management



  • Sales of recyclables
  • Sales of green energy (CNG, heat, zero emission)
  • Reduction of landfill management


Immediate savings

  • decrease cost on e.g. tipping and landfill management
  • minimum: 3.8 million $ (600 Mt/day MSW global lowest amount)
  • maximum: 21.6 million $ (600 Mt/day MSW global average amount)


On an annual basis and an average of 600 Mt/day treatment of MSW SusBDe creates for the municipality an immediate and direct cost saving of circa 3.8 million $ (based on 18 $/Mt incremental landfill costs savings) up to 21.6 million $ (100 $/Mt).

Social economic benefits 

Improvement of the environment

  • Reduce MSW and landfill
  • No odors, no wastewater
  • Positive energy balance

Stimulation of the regional and local economy

  • Creation of local sustainable employment
  • Training and development of local staff
  • Monetary savings for the public sector

Financial benefits

  • No additional financial investments requiered from the public sector
  • Favorable investment terms for private partners enhancing long term results

More information

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