As SusBDe, we are a strong believer of being part of the society where we operate. Local presence and local people are the anchor of our business. 

OUR local team WILL BE operating out of AIX-en-PROVENCE AND ISTrES. Well connected and dedicated to the cause of green energy and making a difference.


General Director


Focus for SusBDe on France, initially also Business Development for SusBDe Holding.

Mr. Van den Hof is a Dutch citizen. An entrepreneurial spirit and experienced manager in the world of Sustainability. Mr. van Den Hof has worked the last 20 years as business development manager for start-ups and companies listed at the  stock exchange and loves to explore, connect and built business in renewable, technology and circularity.

 Educated at the prestigious Dutch business school Nyenrode in combination with a technical background , Mr. Van Den Hof  is well positioned to have impact in our world.

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nancy alexaki 

Executive Director Business Development


Focus for SusBDe France/Biogaz-France, 
stakeholder management.

Mrs. Nancy Alexaki, born in Athens and living with her family in The Hague, the Netherlands. Mrs. Nancy Alexaki has a career in international business development in the sustainability sector. She lived and worked nine years in Bolivia and Peru and has working experience in Asia on the promotion of innovative solutions on zero-waste projects, as a primary driver towards sustainable development and circular economy.

She is characterized by her persistence in bridging future-proof inspirations with solutions. She is committed to establish zero-waste-to-energy plants in France, with focus on stakeholder engagement. Nancy has a degree in agricultural economics and a MSc in environmental management. 

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Executive Director 


Focus for SusBDe France/Biogaz-France,
the  Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur and  Occitanie region.

With over 20 years of experience in business development combined with a solid and strong management experience as top executive director in agri-food, food process technology industry and agricultural projects.

Mr. Anthony Bergavi is an Engineer in Agronomy from Agro Paris Tech and has a MSc. in Economics of environmental and natural resources from  École des hautes études en sciences sociales. 

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SUSBDE FRANCE/biogaz-france

SusBDe France/Biogaz-France is part of our increasing footprint in Europe and the cornerstone of the development on the European continent.

The focus of the company is to receive organic waste and/or unsorted MSW and process it into France (bio-)gas net-work. Contributing to solving the waste problem and facilitating the green energy in France and with an initial focus on Bouches-Du-Rhône in the south of France and contributing to 15 sustainable development goals of the United Nations. See also the United Nations link

susbde FRANCE/biogaz-france in the news

Susbde France/Biogaz-France will have established some major achievements to report over the next three months. 

  • The SusBDe France team is based in Aix-en-Provence
  • The focus of SusBDe France will initially be on the department Bouches-Du-Rhône and the company SusBDe LOC Istres 1 Sarl is in the process to be established
  • The initial feed stock is organics to produce Bio-gas and fertilizer-compost
  • A joint visit with representatives to a plant in germany was undertaken

The Team with guests from France at an inspection in a facility in Germany.

Landplot inspection in the Istres region.

Inspection of the current composting.


  • United Nations Economic Council for Europe
  • Netherlands Business Council Dubai
  • NL Ingenieurs (the Association of Consulting Engineers of the Netherlands)
  • CEE Green Building Professional Association