SusBDe's Insurance Program, an investor safeguard

SusBDe provides a comprehensive insurance program worldwide, covering both the development and operational phases of each project.

Our program includes an insured performance guarantee for the entire installation, ensuring EBITDA security. This offers financial peace of mind to investors new to the SusBDe concept.

What can our insurance program do for you?

A-Class Rating

The SusBDe insurance program is delivered through renowned underwriters that operate worldwide and have at least an A-class rating (S&P).

Broad coverage

The insurance program provides comprehensive coverages for all parties involved during the design engineering, construction, manufacturing, commissioning, and operations of the project/plant. Thus, providing the ultimate protection for the project investment, liabilities and project revenues.

The following types of risk are insured

Asset damage

Property and material damage during design, works and transportation including natural catastrophes, terrorism, etc.

Costly delays

Loss of revenues due to delayed completion of the project including compensation for lost sales and extra costs for debt service and interest.

Design risks

Think of loss of revenue due to faulty design or faulty workmanship.

Third party liabilities

Third party liabilities including environmental damage.

Under performance

Insured performance guarantee that will compensate any loss of revenues due to the plant's under performance.

We always ensures a local presence

In all countries we deliver our comprehensive insurance program via a local renowned insurance company to ensure compliance with local rules and regulations.⁠⁠

The SusBDe insurance program can be ceded to investors to ensure their interest.

Powered by VRiC

SusBDe insurance solutions are powered by VRiC (Veracity Risk Insurance Consultants), having over 30 years international experience.

By seasoned professionals and former managing director Risk Consulting and Construction solutions of Aon for CEE.

Does this investment suit you?

Our investors are highly rated parties in their field of expertise and have a background in impact-investing, local knowledge and presence, whereby the awareness of making the difference by their approach of the challenges facing is at the core of the philosophy.

We are rich on innovation, rich on idea and our investors focus on the circular approach, the United Nations' chapter of global warming entangled with 'green' and sustainable investment result.

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