Our initiatives to eliminate waste and to produce Biogas

At SusBDe, we are committed to making a real difference in the lives of the people in various regions.

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Savoie Senegal and SusBDe are teaming up to tackle Senegal's waste challenge.

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Nagpur - Blue Print for India

Nagpur, the start of the journey for change in India

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France - show case

Unlocking Biogas Success: Our French Blueprint Paves the Fast Lane to Profitable Production in 18-24 Months!

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CUGL and SusBDe - teaming up

Central U.P. Gas Limited (Central Uttar Pradesh Gas Limited) and SusBDe are collaborating to develop joint projects in the state of Uttar Pradesh and beyond.

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What solution fits you?

We’d love to guide the journey to achieving your business sustainability goals. SusBDe helps you find the right solution to make more out of your waste.

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