Our licenses

Experience innovation at its finest with our cutting-edge technology licenses! Unlock the future with our patented concept and advanced technological approach, all developed and conceptual owned by SusBDe.

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What does a license from SusBDe entail?


In the context of a license granted to local partners and investors: We support the execution of projects encompassing primary design, securing all requisite permits, and ensuring their readiness for comprehensive engineering, construction, and operationalization. These projects are meticulously prepared for transfer to our esteemed partners and investors.

Concept & Technology

The technology we employ is licensed to our local partners and investors on a region-specific, country-specific, or project-specific basis. This technology license is provided to facilitate the implementation of our concept, allowing for the utilization of advanced technology to generate biogas through a dry Anaerobic Digestion process.

Unlock the Opportunity to Partner with SusBDe

Are you ready to seize the potential of SusBDe by becoming a licensed partner for a designated project, region, or even an entire country? This is your invitation to reach out to us today and join us on our journey. Connect with Mr. Bastiaan Dijkman at b.dijkman@susbde.com to initiate and explore this collaboration. Don't miss the chance to be a part of our vision for a sustainable future.

Our licenses

License granted to SusBDe France

SusBDe has proudly granted SusBDe France an exclusive license to embark on a visionary mission, dedicated solely to France. This endeavor encompasses a diverse portfolio of projects, all centered around the sustainable management of 36,000 tons per year of organic waste facilities with a short time to market.

We are committed to fostering strong community bonds by not only providing valuable green energy but also contributing to the communities through fertilizer compost.

SusBDe France extends a warm invitation to prospective investors and potential owners to join us on this transformative journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. Your involvement is not just an opportunity; it's a partnership in building thriving communities and a cleaner environment.

Contact Mrs. Nancy Alexaki at n.alexaki@susbde.fr to explore the possibilities.

License granted to SusBDe Keva Biotech

Unveil the forefront of technology, exclusively introduced to India by SusBDe Keva Biotech, the trailblazing development entity and the exclusive licensee for SusBDe in India.

Dive into pioneering solutions that drive India's sustainable future, whether you choose to collaborate closely, invest, or take ownership at arm's length, all while leveraging the concept and technology we provide during the Ready to Build phase.Our flagship facility in Nagpur, the blueprint for India's future, is taking shape with auspicious guidance from SusBDe and in tight collaboration with SusBDe Keva Biotech.Additionally,

SusBDe Keva Biotech also undertakes the development and ownership of its own projects.

Explore the possibilities today and contact, Mr. Vinod Tandon at v.tandon@susbdeindia.com.

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We’d love to guide the journey to achieving your business sustainability goals. SusBDe helps you find the right solution to make more out of your waste.