Transportable Biogas Unit

Central to our concept lies segregation, which forms the foundation for biogas generation. In collaboration with our international partners, we have developed a scalable and adaptable facility tailored specifically for the Indian market. This facility showcases the ability to processing organic waste sustainably and producing biogas.

Why this Transportable Biogas unit?

Quick and easy to deploy

Contained within eight shipping containers, this dry AD biogas production facility offers swift deployment to any location, serving as a demonstration of municipalities' biogas production capabilities. Additionally, it furnishes essential information on the gas yield of local waste.

Entry level solution

The Transportable Biogas Unit provide a distinctive entry-level solution, affirming to investors and stakeholders the capacity to produce biogas. They bolster SusBDe's tender capabilities in the Indian market, offering assurance without the need for a lengthy five-year development plan or expensive investment scheme, whitour knowing the end result.

High quality standards

The Transportable Biogas Unit is a Dutch-Built Skid-Mounted Components unit, Compliant with DIN norms, and Certified by Leading Authorities and customized to Your Certification Preferences.

A sustainable solution

At SusBDe, biogas production stands as one of our three fundamental pillars, and this transportable unit exemplifies our commitment to revolutionizing waste management in India.

Housed within eight shipping containers, this dry AD biogas production facility has the capacity to process 3000Mt of organic waste annually, equivalent to approximately 200 trucks. More than just numbers, it's a testament to our approach's efficacy in addressing India's waste challenges.

Expected outputs


Knowledge Sharing and Education

The Transportable Biogas Unit's journey across India and planned destination as a beacon of sustainability provides vital insights into biogas production for municipalities and local stakeholders.

This initiative serves as a mobile classroom, promoting knowledge sharing and education on sustainable waste management practices.

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Don't waste your waste

Improve the environment

Reduce your Municipal Solid Waste and landfilling:
no odors, no wastewater and a positive energy balance.

Grow local economy

SusBDe's solutions create local sustainable employment through training and development of local staff and monetary savings for the public sector.

Prevent health risks

Lower or reverse the growth of landfills in densely populated areas, leading to direct health benefits for the neighbourhood.

What solution fits you?

We’d love to guide the journey to achieving your business sustainability goals. SusBDe helps you find the right solution to make more out of your waste.