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Transportable Biogas Unit, demonstrating our capability

Central to our concept lies segregation, which forms the foundation for biogas generation. In collaboration with our international partners, we have developed a scalable and adaptable facility tailored specifically for the Indian market. This facility showcases the ability to processing organic waste sustainably and producing biogas.

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Greater Mumbai and The Netherlands Join Forces for Sustainable Urban Innovation and SusBDe joins in!

SusBDe is thrilled to be part of the collaboration between Greater Mumbai and The Netherlands for sustainable urban development! The partnership, signed at the World Economic Forum in Davos, focuses on sustainable waste management and explores opportunities in port-led urban development.

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Nagpur 1200 Mt - Groundbreaking Ceremony

SusBDe India achieves waste management milestone with Nagpur Municipal Corporation, launching innovative plant for processing 1200 Mt per day and producing Compressed Bio Gas.

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SusBDe Keva Biotech at IFAT

SusBDe and WTT Collaborate at IFAT India: a leading trade fair for environmental

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Financial Close Nagpur project

A significant achievement by SusBDe, where they have secured financial support for their Nagpur project, which is set to become India's largest biogas facility.

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SusBDe India: Nagpur project is at the start

Proud to announce that we are at the start of a long standing working relationship with the Nagpur Municipality Corporation.

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SusBDe in Europe and SusBDe France is a fact!

We are very pleased to announce that we are starting our first project in Europe. France is the starting point and the focus is initially on the Paca region.

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Nagpur signs 30-year concession to produce 27 million m3 of biogas out of 1200 Mt daily MSW

Proud to announce that today SusBDe signed a 1200 Mt Waste-to-Energy project with the Nagpur Municipality Corporation to produce over 27 million m3 of Compressed Bio Gas per annum and will be the largest CBG producer in India.

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Mr. Dilip Kulkarni joins SusBDe India

We are very pleased that Mr. Dilip Kulkarni joins SusBDe India.

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Mr. Kilavan muthukaruppiah joins susbde india

We are very pleased that Mr. Kilavan Muthukaruppiah joined SusBDe India with the objective in making the difference.

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Cabinet minister mr. Nitin gadkari and susbde discuss the green fuel transition

Highly respected Union/Central Cabinet Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari and our CEO Mr. Jaap Veenenbos met in Nagpur to discuss new initiatives in India.

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Inspection of the sorting line for the Vasai Virar facility

The Board of SusBDe with our Vasai Virar Project Manager inspect the sorting line for the Vasai Virar facility.

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Supporting the waste solution at Nagpur

Covered by the local media and newspapers, SusBDe India met with the Mayor of Nagpur.

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Land levelling at dump yard in full swing

An update: even today, the staff of the municipality corporation of Vasai Virar is working hard to level the land and create a starting-point for construction phase of the plant.

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International team at SusBDe impact & advisory board

Distinguished leaders from business and the public sector are a core part of SusBDe.

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Bharat petroleum and SusBDe, an agreement under 'Satat policy' of government of India

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) and SusBDe enter into CNG off-take agreement

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SusBDe invited by the ministery and Bharat Petroleum to speak at today's biofuel webinar

Leading industry experts, led by Shri Tarun Kapoor, Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, gathered at a webinar to discuss a way forward for Bio-fuel​!

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Landfill operations at Vasai Virar City

Since December 2020, landfill leveling operations are underway at the Vasai Virar dump site.

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SusBDe Vasai Virar PVT. LTD. Erected

On 15 January 2021 and to facilitate the establishment of a ground breaking new endeavor, a local company has been erected for the project for the Vasai Virar Municipality Corporation (VVCMC). The LOI between SusBDe and VVCMC was signed in December 2020.

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SusBDde India and municipality of the city of Vasai Virar sign 650mt/pd MSW facility

The municipality corporation of the city of Vasai Virar is fully committed to turn household waste into green energy (Compressed Natural Gas, CNG), recyclables and reducing their CO2 footprint. A project fully endorsed by the government.

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Short listed for MSW to Energy in Egypt!

SusBDe and Infinity Energy of Egypt and part of Mansour Group have been short listed by the Ministers Cabinet for the Municpal Waste to Energy program.

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SusBDe signs letter of intent with the Gampaha district

SusBDe signs Letter of Intent with the local authorities of the Gampaha District, Sri Lanka to establish a Municipal Waste To Energy Plant for nine municipalities.

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SusBDe and infinity energy Egypt submit msw fit program

SusBDe and Infinity Energy* of Egypt and part of Mansour Group have submitted a joint bid for a Municpal Waste to Energy FIT program regarding electricity generation through Treatment of the Municipal Solid Waste.

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