SusBDde India and municipality of the city of Vasai Virar sign 650mt/pd MSW facility

December 3, 2020

The municipality corporation of the city of Vasai Virar is fully committed to turn household waste into green energy (Compressed Natural Gas, CNG), recyclables and reducing their CO2 footprint. A project fully endorsed by the government.

This plant will have a capacity of 650 Mt/per day and the next-door landfill will be reduced over the term of this 40 year contract. The municipality provides a land plot for the operation, house hold waste and participates for the full term of the project.

The facility will produce 350 million cubic feet CNG per year, which will be purchased by our partner Bharat Petroleum.

The facility will be operational in Q1-2022 and is part of the Centurion Program. Under the terms of the  Centurion Program, SusBDe will realize over 100 facilities for India.

Want to know more?

For more information on the project and the SusBDe Centurion Program, we invite you to contact our CEO, Mr. Jaap Veenenbos at

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