More landfills: a losing battle

Shortage of dumping spaces and the space at existing landfills for dumping MSW is increasingly becoming the main constraint! More landfills do not offer a long term solution.

To solve this issue, waste has to be seen as a resource instead of something to get rid of.

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Let SusBDe solve your waste problem

Fully integrated

SusBDe is initiator and brings together the municipal MSW challenge and the private sector contribution for the circular economy, thus creating a beneficial cooperation between the public sector and private companies.

Waste as a resource

Don't let waste go to waste in large landfills but convert it into valuable recyclables. In addition, SusBDe creates immediate savings equal the costs of storage and landfill management, which are 50% of the total waste handling costs today. From waste to wealth in dfferent forms!.

Long running operation

We operate the installation for 40 years (20 year extension), using Zero Waste, Energy- and water management, based on modern and proven sustainable technologies, based on latest EU- and US- standards. Total Cost of Ownership is not a choice, it is at the bases of our approach.

A sustainable solution

SusBDe offers production of energy based on a proven concept of technology in a sustainable and efficient manner to satisfy the increasing demand for recycling; mitigate the waste instead of increasing landfills.

Expected outputs


Don't waste your waste

Improve the environment

Reduce your Municipal Solid Waste and landfilling:
no odors, no wastewater and a positive energy balance.

Grow local economy

SusBDe's solutions create local sustainable employment through training and development of local staff and monetary savings for the public sector.

Prevent health risks

Lower or reverse the growth of landfills in densely populated areas, leading to direct health benefits for the neighbourhood.

What solution fits you?

We’d love to guide the journey to achieving your business sustainability goals. SusBDe helps you find the right solution to make more out of your waste.