Nagpur - Blue Print for India

Embarking on a Vision: From Signing to Groundbreaking on November 27th, 2023! Following a year of meticulous preparation, the Nagpur project officially commenced upon the signing in April 2023. The exciting groundbreaking event took place at the Nagpur facility!!


tons of daily household waste

Revolutionizing Waste: From Sorting to Biomethane! At the Nagpur facility, a 1200 tons of fresh waste are meticulously sorted and segregated daily. The organic waste then undergoes a transformative journey, entering the garage-box of tunnels, where it emerges as precious biomethane and compost.


m3 of Biogas

Transforming Biogas to 99% Methane Purity! Our technology ensures minimal leakages, producing top-quality Renewable Natural Gas (CBG) for seamless integration. The industrial-grade CO2 benefits end products like concrete, driving a sustainable future.


new jobs

Creating Prosperity, One Job at a Time! The facility is set to generate a multitude of new jobs, offering year-round employment opportunities. From dedicated security personnel to skilled sorting experts, operators, and the essential support staff, this facility promises a secure and dependable working environment for all.


crore investment

Empower Communities, Enrich Economies! This 319 Crore project invests significantly in India and the Netherlands. We employ a robust business model without tipping fees, instead returning royalties to Nagpur residents. A remarkable 60% of our investment strengthens the local community, fostering sustainable growth and shared prosperity.

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The team from Nagpur, along with colleagues from our Mumbai office and the Netherlands, gathered in front of the Nagpur facility.

Diminish reliance on landfilling through the processing of 1200 metric tons of unsorted waste daily for the city of Nagpur. The initiative constitutes a groundbreaking endeavor safeguarded by a 15+15 year concession agreement, executed in a sustainable manner. Notably, NMC stands to receive royalties without incurring any tipping fee or financial investment.

Our solution

SusBDe's technology and concept revolves around scalable dry anaerobic digestion, a proven method with a 20+ year track record. This dynamic process not only generates biogas and nutrient-rich compost but also efficiently sorts and segregates recyclables, breathing new life into the local economy through multifaceted avenues.

Key benefits

Elevating Communities: Zero Landfill, New Opportunities, and More! Our blueprint project brings an array of benefits to the community: nihil landfilling, job creation, and the production of biogas, premium compost, and recyclables. And NMC incurs no initial investment, but instead receives annual royalties.
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Processing during construction

Starting from October 2023, waste will being processed daily, even as construction on the main plant is in progress. Simultaneously, a temporary facility spanning 9 acres on a separate land plot is being established for the sorting and recycling of incoming waste. This dynamic approach ensures buiness as usuall and at the same time building for the future.

30 acre new facility landplot

The SusBDe blueprint revolves around a scalable facility with the capacity to handle 750-1200 tons of waste per day. This comprehensive operation demands a total land area of 30 acres. More waste, its just a simple duplication of the facillity.

The task at hand has always been to construct a facility within a tight time frame, while also efficiently managing the logistics of incoming waste, outgoing recyclables, and gas production within designated garage-boxes on the landplot. The tunnels, measuring 6 meters by 8 meters and 40 meters long, are a crucial component, providing not only a vantage point for gas production but also ensuring a seamless workflow, distinctively separating various activities on the premises. Roughly speaking, the land is allocated as follows: 50% for gas production, 40% for composting, and 10% for roads and office building.

Dedicated local and international SusBDe team

The SusBDe LOC Nagpur team is headquartered at the Nagpur premisses, with additional support from Mumbai and the Netherlands for conceptual design and engineering. The engineering team has undertaken a substantial effort to keep the project within budget. Meanwhile, the dedicated collegeus in Nagpur and the Mumbai office are diligently overseeing procurement, ensuring it adheres to the established parameters and, most importantly, stays on schedule. This setup serves as the blueprint for any given project—a local team, with technological expertise provided by specialists from Mumbai and the Netherlands. It's a hands-on approach, not rigid but focused on achieving the task at hand, all in the pursuit of constructing the flagship facility for the city of Nagpur and India..

Mobile facility

The adage "seeing is believing" holds true for us. While our technology is proven, it's relatively new to India. This is precisely why we've introduced the mobile facility concept – to showcase the substantial advantages of our approach and demonstrate its effectiveness.

To meet our project timelines, SusBDe has decided to expedite the transition from cold to hot commissioning by introducing a mobile facility in Q1-2024. This mobile unit will be dedicated to producing biomethane and CBG and will play a pivotal role in optimizing the gas production process for the Nagpur facility. It will yield valuable insights into waste content and the requirements for achieving optimal gas production. Furthermore, this mobile facility will serve as a showcase, demonstrating biomethane production to municipal corporations, as it can be easily relocated, embarking on an Indian journey to provide insights tailored to local characteristics when approached by different municipalities. This approach allows us to showcase our capabilities to potential partners and stakeholders, enabling them to visualize the solution before formalizing any contractual agreements.

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Commencing April 14th, 2024, Savoie Senegal and SusBDe join forces to confront Senegal's waste management issues and foster clean energy production for the region. Leveraging organic waste sourced from municipal collections by local partners, the initiative aims to effect positive change and cultivate renewable energy solutions.

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Nagpur - Blue Print for India

Embarking on a Vision: From Signing to Groundbreaking on November 27th, 2023! Following a year of meticulous preparation, the Nagpur project officially commenced upon the signing in April 2023. The exciting groundbreaking event took place at the Nagpur facility!!

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France - show case

Our adaptable French blueprint not only provides a compelling template for future growth but also represents the initial milestone for achieving an efficient time-to-market in the biogas production industry, allowing you to progress from inception to full commercial operation within 18-24 months.

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CUGL and SusBDe - teaming up

Central U.P. Gas Limited (Central Uttar Pradesh Gas Limited) and SusBDe are collaborating to develop joint projects in the state of Uttar Pradesh and beyond.

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