Across the vibrant landscapes of Africa, nations are gearing up for a revolutionary shift in waste management, spurred by stringent landfill regulations and an unwavering commitment to harness renewable energy sources. Empowered by transformative initiatives like the UN Habitat's 'Waste Wise Cities', these countries are making remarkable progress, taking small steps that, in essence, represent giant leaps toward a future that surpasses even the most developed Western counterparts. The African continent is lighting the way towards a sustainable, eco-conscious future where innovation and environmental responsibility coalesce.

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Kenya and Morocco

Our initial strides will unfold in Morocco and Kenya, setting the stage for Africa's sustainable future. These endeavors will serve as the dynamic blueprints for the entire continent, marked by scalability, modular flexibility, and our commitment to uplifting local communities.


m3 biogas

The African blueprint facility is set to be a game-changer, producing 26.5 million cubic meters of biogas for both transport and household needs, including clean cooking. This marks a profound leap toward reducing landfill waste, boosting recycling initiatives, and delivering RNG and premium compost production. We're paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.


tons waste

Embracing Success from India: We're paving a new path based on our acclaimed blueprint, with a dedicated focus on organic waste. Through strategic partnerships with landfill owners and waste collectors, we're fast-tracking progress, minimizing time to market, all while upholding our successful French model. Our commitment to seamlessly integrate with local ecosystems remains unwavering, ensuring an efficient, eco-friendly approach at every step of the way.


'clean' jobs

With every new plant, we are not just creating a facility; we're crafting opportunities. Each location will generate 200 job positions, characterized by a work environment, prioritizing health, and offering competitive compensation and benefits. Our employees are more than team members; they are the lifelong ambassadors of the transformative impact their work brings to the community.

Elevating Business Horizons: Unleashing Opportunities in Kenya, Nairobi, Nigeria, and Morocco. We've ventured into the heart of these thriving markets, conducted in-depth analyses of their unique ecosystems, and uncovered pathways to prosperity. What worked as a blueprint for success in India now finds its wings in Africa. Our focus has seamlessly transitioned to nurturing organic waste solutions, fortifying local ecosystems, and offering pristine non-organic waste for recycling. At the intersection of innovation and sustainability, we're building a brighter future for both business and Africa.

Unlocking Africa's Potential: SusBDe Africa & Partners, will be establishing a powerful presence in Rabat and Nairobi, is charting a dynamic course across the continent. Our mission is to usher in a sustainable era by harnessing the power of biogas production from minimising landfilling, benefiting local communities and nurturing the land through valuable fertilizer compost. This is just the beginning of a transformative journey towards a cleaner, greener Africa.


Commencing April 14th, 2024, Savoie Senegal and SusBDe join forces to confront Senegal's waste management issues and foster clean energy production for the region. Leveraging organic waste sourced from municipal collections by local partners, the initiative aims to effect positive change and cultivate renewable energy solutions.

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Nagpur - Blue Print for India

Embarking on a Vision: From Signing to Groundbreaking on November 27th, 2023! Following a year of meticulous preparation, the Nagpur project officially commenced upon the signing in April 2023. The exciting groundbreaking event took place at the Nagpur facility!!

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France - show case

Our adaptable French blueprint not only provides a compelling template for future growth but also represents the initial milestone for achieving an efficient time-to-market in the biogas production industry, allowing you to progress from inception to full commercial operation within 18-24 months.

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CUGL and SusBDe - teaming up

Central U.P. Gas Limited (Central Uttar Pradesh Gas Limited) and SusBDe are collaborating to develop joint projects in the state of Uttar Pradesh and beyond.

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