Europe: France

We're honing our focus on the south of France as our launching point for the European journey. We start with efficient and local facilities that process 100 tons of organic waste daily.

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tons of annual waste

Our feedstock comprises a strategic blend of resources, including organic household waste, supermarket waste (DSM, "Déchets Alimentaires en Supermarchés"), and municipal green waste.


m3 / y of biogas

We efficiently distribute our substantial 37,800 cubic meters of Biogas production through a robust grid connection, thoughtfully provided by our valued partners at GRDF.


GWh / y of energy

Our plants guarantee a minimum annual energy production of 20 GWh, meeting the criteria for RED (Renewable Energy Directive). RED is a pivotal EU directive aimed at boosting renewable energy usage, elevating the overall share in the EU's energy consumption. This guarantees a sustainable and forward-looking investment opportunity.


million investment

Our comprehensive investment breakdown is designed for your benefit: 50% dedicated to seamless installation, 35% for robust civil engineering and grid connection, and 15% allocated to state-of-the-art equipment.

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Nagpur - Blue Print for India

Embarking on a Vision: From Signing to Groundbreaking on November 27th, 2023! Following a year of meticulous preparation, the Nagpur project officially commenced upon the signing in April 2023. The exciting groundbreaking event took place at the Nagpur facility!!

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France - show case

Our adaptable French blueprint not only provides a compelling template for future growth but also represents the initial milestone for achieving an efficient time-to-market in the biogas production industry, allowing you to progress from inception to full commercial operation within 18-24 months.

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CUGL and SusBDe - teaming up

Central U.P. Gas Limited (Central Uttar Pradesh Gas Limited) and SusBDe are collaborating to develop joint projects in the state of Uttar Pradesh and beyond.

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Powered by a team of experts

Nancy Alexaki

General Director France

Mrs. Nancy Alexaki, leads the SusBDe France efforts to establish and expand the waste-to-energy portfolio in France. Her 20+ years career extends to public private partnerships, business strategies, stakeholders' engagement, and corporate sustainability with companies among others in Asia and Latin America. Nancy holds a BSc in agricultural economics and a MSc in environmental management from the University of Amsterdam.
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Bastiaan Dijkman

Finance Director

Bas has over 30 years of experience in finance, investment banking and held senior management positions in derivatives trading, structuring & advisory departments within banks in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK.
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Bert Jägel


Bert has more than 30 years of experience in the development of zero waste to energy and the supply of water- and sewage treatment plants in Europe as well as in Asia. He dedicated his live in making the difference in waste treatment.
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