In a country renowned for its resilience, India faces a dual challenge: managing its mounting waste crisis while meeting the surging demand for energy and power. The Indian government is leading the charge, with a firm commitment to address municipal waste issues and tackle the looming landfill problem head-on. This commitment is deeply embedded in a web of laws and policies across various levels of governance.

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NAGPUR, the India blue-print for India: Set to Launch in 2024/2025, Making a Genuine Impact on Reducing Landfill Waste, Enhancing Recycling Efforts, and Delivering Premium Quality RNG and Compost Production


'Centurion Program'

We're launching a visionary project: ten advanced bio-gas plants in 5 years, with a grand vision of 100 within a decade or so. We're partnering with Keva Group and Bharat Petroleum in Maharashtra, and CUGL in Uttar Pradesh.


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KANPUR: A Collaborative Venture with CUGL, Aiming for Full Operations by 2025. The Commencement of a Fruitful Corporate Partnership, with Plans to Expand Across UP and Beyond.


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Building Prosperity through Job Creation! Our facility will bring numerous job opportunities year-round, offering secure and reliable employment for a variety of roles, from security to sorting and support staff.

Unlocking the Future: Introducing the Centurion Program

The Centurion Program is an ambitious and transformative initiative introduced by Keva SusBDe Biotech in India. This groundbreaking program aims to revolutionize India's future by addressing the pressing issue of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management while simultaneously generating a significant volume of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) to meet the country's ambitious need for change.

Keva SusBDe Biotech: in a gesture of solidarity towards the country’s net-zero emission pathway, the promoters of Keva group “ Vaze Family “  with 100 years of operation background joined hands with SusBDe in India to ventured into this noble project of converting “Municipal Waste into CBG” duly lead by Mr. Kedar Vaze (Keva Groups CEO & Managing Director).
At Keva SusBDe Biotech, we embrace collaboration and invite partners to join us in working closely to replicate our blueprint. Our approach is not solely about ownership; it's about collectively addressing challenges and progressing forward together. Join us on this journey of innovation and sustainable development closely together and do replicate our blueprint based on our concept and technology. its not always by ownership, its about fixing it and moving jointly forward.

The core objective

At its core, the Centurion Program seeks to process, based on the Nagpur blueprint and scalable solution a 1200 metric tons of Municipal Solid Waste daily. This approach not only addresses the growing challenge of waste management in Indiabut also provides an innovative solution to harness renewable energy. By converting waste into 26.5 million cubic meters of Renewable Natural Gas annually, thisprogram ensures a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

The journey

The journey of the Centurion Program commences in Nagpur, India. The city serves as the pioneering location where this revolutionary initiative takes root. With the capability to process substantial amounts of waste and generate a significant volume of RNG, Nagpur sets a precedent for sustainable urban development and cleaner energy production.

Kanpur and also two more projects in Maharashtra represent the next destination on the Centurion Program's roadmap. This reference indicates that the success achieved in Nagpur is not a one-off endeavor but part of a larger vision to transform multiple cities in India. Kanpur, like Nagpur, will benefit from the program'swaste management solutions and renewable energy production, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable urban landscape.

Instrumental in shaping the future

The Centurion Program is instrumental in shaping India's future, one city at atime. By addressing the critical issue of Municipal Solid Waste and converting it into a valuable resource, it not only improves waste management but also promotes sustainable energy production. Through this initiative, India canreduce its environmental footprint, mitigate the impact of waste on theenvironment, and enhance its energy security with locally produced Renewable Natural Gas. The program serves as a testament to India's commitment to innovation and sustainability in its urban development.

Transportable Biogas Unit, showcasing our ability

Central to our concept lies segregation, which forms the foundation for biogas generation. To support the Centurion Program we have developed a scalable and adaptable facility tailored specifically for the Indian market. This facility showcases the ability to processing organic waste sustainably and more importantly producing biogas.

Summarizing the Centurion Program

In summary, the Centurion Program by Keva SusBDe Biotech represents a transformative and forward-thinking initiative that holds the potential to redefine how India manages waste and generates renewable energy. Beginning in Nagpur and expandingto other cities like Kanpur, this program is laying the groundwork for acleaner and more sustainable future, illustrating India's commitment to environmental responsibility and energy self-sufficiency.


Keva SusBDe Biotech, operating out of Mumbai. Well connected and dedicated to the cause of green fuel transition of India.

Nagpur - Blue Print for India

Embarking on a Vision: From Signing to Groundbreaking on November 27th, 2023! Following a year of meticulous preparation, the Nagpur project officially commenced upon the signing in April 2023. The exciting groundbreaking event took place at the Nagpur facility!!

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France - show case

Our adaptable French blueprint not only provides a compelling template for future growth but also represents the initial milestone for achieving an efficient time-to-market in the biogas production industry, allowing you to progress from inception to full commercial operation within 18-24 months.

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CUGL and SusBDe - teaming up

Central U.P. Gas Limited (Central Uttar Pradesh Gas Limited) and SusBDe are collaborating to develop joint projects in the state of Uttar Pradesh and beyond.

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Powered by a team of experts

Vrinda Thakur

Executive Director

Focus on local stakeholder management with the aim to establish zero-waste-to-energy plants within India. Vrinda and her colleagues in Mumbai and Nagpur are teaming up in their specific roles to make an impact on society and contributing to the green fuel transition. Vrinda is born and raised in Mumbai and is instrumental towards all local stakeholders in any project with the municipality, local/regional politicians as well as towards Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited. She is a seasoned professional with local and international roots.
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Dilip Kulkarni

Executive Director Projects

Based in Kalyan (Mumbai area) and focused on special projects, whereby building on his 35+ years of experience in Waste to Energy Plants, Biomass and water treatment. A well experienced and seasoned professional with international experience of the life spam of his career in the African continent as well as Europe. Dilip, by education a BSc. Civil Engineering, a MSc. in Public Health and DBM. By dedication 'living' his entire working life the SusBDe addagium "Our real work & future starts when we start paying back to the Society & do a little bit for improving the life on earth."
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Kilavan Muthuka- ruppiah

Executive Director

Focus for SusBDe on the southern part of India, especially on Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Pondicherry, Andaman Nicobar Islands and Andhra Pradesh. Mr. Muthukaruppiah is also an Advisor to the Board of Directors of SusBDe Holding. Mr. Muthukaruppiah is an Indian born citizen of the region of Tamil Nadu and living in Chennai. A well experienced (general)manager in the financial industry and a proven track-record of more than 35 years, Mr. Muthukaruppiah is today self-employed and an entrepreneur pur sang, with his roots in the local gasoline, diesel and lubricants industry.
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